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Queens Store Vendor


Airborne Armourer

Shawn McNicholl

Military Collector and Vintage Firearms Restorations

I buy mostly Canadian / UK historical military items - 1850's to 1960's

Fenian Raids / NW Rebellion / Boer War

WW1 & 2 / Korean War

Vintage rifles (Sniders, Martini Henerys, Endields, Ross)

Helmets, Webbing, Bayonets/Swords, Ammo Belts, Slings/Bugles, Rare Badges and Insignia's

Firearms and accessories



Already on the website?:

Jenifer T

I am a mother of four, now at home full time.  When I am not taking care  of my domestic tasks, you can find me in my studio creating practical  and beautiful uses for items with history.  I am also known to scour  thrift stores for items to repurpose and give new life.


Queens Store Vendor


Amanda's Place

Amanda F

Knit Wool and Cashmere Items


Queens Store Vendor



Julia Diepenveen

Anything can be real! Anything can be amigurumi! 

Use your Amigurumination!


Queens Store Vendor


BBMT Custom Creations

Kim Schreader

This is a love of crafting, hobby turned business. Named after my other great loves, my children!

Come to us with any and all ideas for personalization, we’d be honoured to make it!


Queens Store Vendor


BDiddy's Accessories

Bernadatte A



Queens Store Vendor


Bags, Rags & More

Laverne J



Bidding Up

Nicholas Williams

Treasures found from the past.


Queens Store Vendor


Blushing Sage Illustrations

Kendra Dezenosky

Hello!  My name is Kendra and I am the artist behind Blushing Sage! Ever since I  can remember I have been drawing and painting. I have been passionate  about art and creativity my entire life.

In July of 2021 I decided to take the dive and create the small  business that I have always dreamed of. I create original digital  illustrations and turn them into beautiful art prints, greeting cards,  stickers, and stationery. My favourite part of the business is custom  portraits too! Please feel free to reach out if you'd like any custom  designs or portraits.

Blushing  Sage was created as a means to empower women - to help every person see  the beauty in both themselves and the world around them. There is  beauty in everything, you just need to see it through the right eyes!


Queens Store Vendor


Bonnie Day Creations

Bonnie Duff and Jo-Anne Carr-Love

Happily retired, happily married and happily the Mom to two  grown children, I've spent the past few years exploring my creative side  and realizing how much pleasure I get from creating stuff....all kinds  of stuff. I love wood burning, beaded work, making mobiles and during  the past year I have started working with stained glass. I'm very  excited about bringing all these passions together ....and maybe  throwing a little humour in there as well!

What kind of things  will you find at Bonnie Day Creations? Abstract stained glass,  suncatchers of all kinds, vases, cutting boards, wooden switch plates,  signs, gift and treasure boxes, zipper pulls, ornaments and the list  goes on.

I've enjoyed being a vendor at Queens since May 2019  and have been learning so much along the way. It's a great way to keep  myself from getting into trouble! I've recently changed the company name  and I'm in the process of setting up a Facebook page with photos of  some of my creations..... so there's more to come......

Something  else that makes selling at Queens so fun is that my longtime buddy has  teamed up with me and we share the now I'll pass it over to  Jo so she can tell you a bit about herself and what she's selling....
Bonnie Duff

*As of 2021 - Bonnie Day Creations is now on Facebook!


My story is a simple one. I landed on “The Queen’s”  doorstep by way of “Bonnie Day Creations”. Bonnie is my long time  childhood friend and has agreed to join forces and share her booth with  me... stronger together.

Being retired has afforded me the time  to finally “clean house” and let someone else enjoy a selection of my  costume jewellery. I also have a variety of ladies and men’s jackets  (some leather and suede), belts, shoes/boots and handbags in the  clothing section. Sizes tend to range slightly, but most items are large  and x-large.

Now that I’ve “Taken Care of Business”, it’s time for me to pursue my more creative side. Stay tuned... and healthy!
Jo-Anne Carr Love (aka...Madam Love)

ps. We should mention that both of us are fortunate to have  summer residences but with no internet, so you may not hear much from us during the summer months


Queens Store Vendor


Brown's Asian Antiques

David B

Asian inspiration and Gypsona Plaster of Paris


Queens Store Vendor


Buds Healing Rocks and Stones

Bud Mannoly

When I met my wife, we looked to do something together. This started us out on a long and varied trip in the crafts field. We started doing macramé and then ended up with a craft shop in Stittsville where we gave lessons.

The craft store had several beads made from ceramic. I knew my Aunt had a kiln in New York City which I was able to obtain. This migrated us from macramé to ceramics.

I gave up my garage to create a studio where we continued teaching, this time ceramics. I was also pouring molds and selling them to other ceramics studios around Ottawa and the valley. 

We spent part of our retirement wintering in Arizona. This led us to beading, jewelry making, wire wrapping and into healing stones. 

Our semi precious stones come from all over the world; Madagascar, India, Brazil, Peru, Uganda, and many other places. 

We have been doing this for about 15 years. Over that time we have met so many good and interesting people, it makes all our effort worthwhile. 

We now have outlet stores Osgoode, Calabogie, Eganville and of course Carleton Place.

We can be reached at 613-836-3301 or by e-mail at And we are found on Facebook, Mel_Lo Designs.

Products can be picked up at the store The Queens Crafters and Antique Market, or we can arrange for delivery or ship.



Bush Beard Products

Candace Flemming

BUSH Beard Care is a locally owned, Canadian and small batch made company


We have a great selection Made in Canada Apparel and hand made products.



Cactus Annie’s

Ann M

I have been a collector for many years and got my start with many items handed down through the family. My focus is mostly Victorian china, transferware, English cups and saucers, tea pots, dessert plates and cake stands for High Tea, pink and green depression glass, pottery (McCoy, Sylvac, Fiesta ware, Roseville, Medalta), vintage Pyrex, mid-century style cotton/linen tea towels and tablecloths, Westclox alarm clocks, mid-century planters and flower pots, Cornflower Glass including Candlewick Glass items, and Chalet Art Glass. 

The fun of collecting is sharing with others who enjoy these pieces as much as I have. Passing them on to others is all part of the process. I feel that I am doing my part to preserve a little bit of our history.

 If you wish to contact me, please call 613-253-3034.


Queens Store Vendor


Cathy Schmidt

Cathy Schmidt

Scruchies and Masks


Queens Store Vendor


Chantilly Creations


Hello!  I'm Chantal - the maker behind Chantilly Creations. As the daughter to  an artist/artisan, I’ve been creating ever since I can remember.  Chantilly Creations all started with an idea—an idea to repurpose  unwanted treasures into something that is whimsical, cheerful, and  purposeful, yet embraced the charm and character of timeless vintage and  antique pieces. And so, in 2018, after a hiatus while completing  post-secondary school, I returned to my creative roots in full force.

Inspired  by elemental nature & vintage charm, I create unique garden and  home goods such as bird baths, bird feeders, plant stands, garden  totems, and ornate cake stands and jewellery dishes from upcycled  dishware. Incorporating my lifelong love for crystals, I also create  stylish beaded gemstone jewellery for all ages.

I'm  proud to call the beautiful town of Carleton Place my home! When I'm  not creating, I love to spend time gardening, near the water, or tending  to our small flock of chickens.





Classical Glass

Christine Bollinger

A trip to Italy inspired me to start my hand at working with glass.  Starting out making fused glass pendants eventually led to bigger  projects. Over the years I have attended numerous fused glass workshops  which have always taught me how to expand my skills.

I have participated in many  art shows and studio tours in the area.

Presently I’m a member of the North Grenville Arts Guild also the Richmond Village Art Club.

Recently I have set up a display at the Queens market where I hope to draw new people to view and purchase some of my work.


Queens Store Vendor


Concave Gallery

Keith Busher

Concave  Gallery is a shop space for unconventional artists and their  unconventional art. 

Talented artists and crafters who cannot seem to  find a place to fit in. A place where square pegs DO fit into round  holes


Queens Store Vendor


Crafts by Donna

Donna Carpenter


Queens Store Vendor


DW Books and Collectibles

Dorothy W

Quality Books and Fun Finds


Queens Store Vendor


Dusky Craft Designs

Amber Peters

Dusky Craft Designs has been around since 2015 and new to The Queens, as of Sept 2019. 

Amber is the creator of all the products made under Dusky Craft Designs. 

All Dusky Craft Designs items that are listed on the site are at the store. 

We have recently moved within the store.  To the front between the door and window.  We have also expanded our stock and inventory.  More to come soon.




Anne-Marie Kelly

In  2017, Anne-Marie Kelly embarked on producing a children's theatrical  production that required the creation of half a dozen muppet style  martian puppets.  

Anne-Marie took up the challenge to learn how to make  them herself. This sparked into an appreciation of puppet making and a  desire to make more.


Queens Store Vendor


Fabulous Furniture Design, Artwork, Gifts and More

Suzanne Donovan

Kids Dress-up and Fantasy Creations


Queens Store Vendor


Folk Art

by Linda Standing

Ottawa Valley artist Linda Standing has enjoyed drawing and painting since childhood but has only recently offered her art work for sale. 

As a folk artist in the tradition of Maud Lewis and Grandma Moses, she is self taught and her subjects depict scenes of the everyday life of our pioneer ancestors and country folk. 

Her simple style relies on design rather than realism through the use of colour, form and line. They reflect her imagination and are full of playful and humorous scenes. 

Her canvases are often found materials such as old cupboard doors and left over pieces of wood. 

Enjoy and smile! 

Dorothy Waterman, Curator



Fragrance Hair Fashions


Hi, I am a local artisan who has lived in the Prospect Ontario area for over 40 years. The creation of my hairbands, scrunchies and mist were inspired by my grandchildren. 

They were designed by me and are 100% Canadian handcrafted from cotton to absorb the essential oil mist. A resealable slider pouch is provided to store the hairbands, scrunchie and elastics each time they are worn to retain the essential oil fragrance within the fabric. 

The mist is made using pure natural essential oils in two fragrances of Lavender & Vanilla and Tea Tree, Peppermint, Rosemary and Eucalyptus. The mist was formulated by a chemist I hired and is mild enough to also use on your body provided you carefully read and adhere to the directions, warning and precautions provided. 

The hairbands come in three styles to include a bow, braided and french knot in twelve fabrics of Moon & Stars, Love Bugs, Twinkle, Forest Friends, Dragon Fly, Mermaid, Butterflies, Yummy, Unicorn, Galaxy, Nature and Foxy. 

If you are interested in a fabric that it not displayed, do not hesitate to contact me at and I will send you a picture.



Full Circle Studio

Emery Tasheff



Fusion Botanicals

Anika and Isaya

Fusion Botanicals is a local business that brings you natural, homemade body products.

We strongly believe in the healing properties of CBD and would like to show you how it can benefit you!


Queens Store Vendor


Give The Job To Jim

Jim Charette


Queens Store Vendor


Holly's Hobbies

Holly Glofcheskie


Queens Store Vendor


Ingrid's Originals and Vintage

Ingrid Duhme


Queens Store Vendor


JDG Estate Jewellery

Curator DC Designs

High end estate Jewellery.


Queens Store Vendor


Jennifer Duff

Jennifer Duff


Queens Store Vendor


Jewellery Designs

Nancy Miller

Nancy  Miller's Jewellery Designs aims to provide the showcase pieces and  essential, everyday accessories for every woman's wardrobe!!!

Training at George Brown College in Jewellery Arts and Gemmology lends the technology.  Imagination creates the bling!


Queens Store Vendor


Jimmy Mac's Music

Jim MacCracken

Jim MacCraken, owned and operated a music store on Rideau Street in Ottawa between 1974-2005.  Next onto a one-stop music sub distributor company called J.Mac Music, where he set up in Ottawa.  This warehouse sold to independent music stores in Ontario and Quebec. Then closed in 2015.

Latest chapter started winter 2017.  He rented a small 500 square foot warehouse in Perth to handle the routing music collections, CDs and Albums.  Buying good titles and hard to find titles from the many collectors and clients he dealt with over many years.

He only sells, top "A" condition products, thoroughly inspected and cleaned using the same cleaning method told to him by one fo Ontario's  top sellers of used vinyl.

He also has been very fortunate finding CD and vinyl collections, with such great titles, that he personally collects and listens to them dailty.

This is the third chapter of his music business life, finding excellent titles to offer for sale on CDs, Vinyl and some Cassettes, as well.

This is his 50th year of selling music, and maybe the most fun yet.


If you have CDs or Vinyl to sell, please contact me at:

Phone or Text: 1-613-200-7556



I can make house calls, saving you the trouble of bringing them to me.


Queens Store Vendor


John D Memorabilia

John D

Memorabilia, CDs, Records, T-shirts,  Sports Tops


Queens Store Vendor



Jane Hibbins

Unique Clothing and Gifts for Kids



Knit Just For You

Elizabeth Daniele


Queens Store Vendor


Knotty Creations

Mavis Murray

Crocheted Hat and painted christmas sculptures


Queens Store Vendor


Lachapelle Antiques

Gilbert Lachapelle

Gilbert and Dianna have dealt in antiques for over 35 years, mainly in furniture. 

Gilbert had his own refinishing shop and has been in the refinishing business for 50 years.

Dianna start buying antiques at the age of 13 and has ran many antique shops and markets.


Queens Store Vendor


Lanark County Pickers

Kate Hurdis

Join  us, at Lanark County Pickers, for weekly consignment auctions. Some  great vintage, antiques, collectibles and new household items available weekly.

Trivia: The pig on the logo is named "Buford"



Les Trésors d'Edmond

Christine Chapleau

Les Trésors d'Edmond presents items to which we have given a second chance (furniture, lighting and small items, etc.).

The  upgrading and necessary alterations are made to the furniture pieces.  Light fixtures and small items are modified and embellished.

Christine and Florent are working to restyle, rejuvenate and upgrade in order to reduce their ecological footprint.


Queens Store Vendor


Lily Elle Canada

Marlene Luscombe

Happily retired, living in Lanark Highlands on the Mississippi River with her husband, and three dogs, Marlene has been fortunate to pursue her artistic passions, which include oil painting, quilting, sewing, jewellery making, and writing.

Marlene began quilting when she found out she was going to be a grandmother - With no knitting, or crocheting skills, the challenge of fighting with her sewing machine was on. With a dozen or more quilts under her belt, Marlene now enjoys making a variety of fabric gifts and household items like bowl cozies, mug rugs, table runners, bookmarks, non-surgical face coverings, bean bag frogs, hand bags, Annie's Fidget Quilts©, and Toddie Blankets© 



Little Red Brick House

Madison Barr



MJ Creations

Maja Jorgensen

MJ  Creations is here to create custom designs, decals, monograms, etc.  

Please let us know if you have something in mind and we are happy to  bring it to life!



Maxine Brown

Anxiety Focus Cards

Anxiety  Focus Cards are a tool used to have those who have anxiety and panic  attacks. They come as a set of 40 different cards. Oneside has a black  and white photo, with blue healing orbs strategically placed on it. Each  card has a different amount of orbs. On the back of each card are  instructions for use.

Take 2-3 cards with you,  everywhere you go. They are approximately the size of a cell phone  screen. When you experience anxiety, panic, a PTSD trigger, take out one  of your cards and follow the instructions. Count your blue healing orbs  on your card of choice. In between counting each one hold your breath  for a count of 4. By the time you get to the 3rd, 4th healing orb your  brain realizes you are doing your breathing instead of it.

Your focus is redirected  to your breathing, and the physical symptoms that come with an Anxiety  attack etc...they start to subside. Anxiety Focus Cards may also be  helpful for those with insomnia and OCD. They are also a great tool for  meditation.

Maxine Brown is the  creator of this tool. She was raised in the fostercare system, and used  this method to cope. She created these cards to help those like herself.  She has suffered with severe anxiety attacks and PTSD stemming from the  abuse of a family member.

Today, she is a proud mum to 4 grown children, 1 grandchild, and is a well known local business owner.


Queens Store Vendor


Mel-Lo Designs

Melanie and Lorraine Mannoly

When I met my wife, we looked to do something together. This started us out on a long and varied trip in the crafts field. We started doing macramé and then ended up with a craft shop in Stittsville where we gave lessons.

The craft store had several beads made from ceramic. I knew my Aunt had a kiln in New York City which I was able to obtain. This migrated us from macramé to ceramics.

I gave up my garage to create a studio where we continued teaching, this time ceramics. I was also pouring molds and selling them to other ceramics studios around Ottawa and the valley. 

We spent part of our retirement wintering in Arizona. This led us to beading, jewelry making, wire wrapping and into healing stones. 

Our semi precious stones come from all over the world; Madagascar, India, Brazil, Peru, Uganda, and many other places. 

We have been doing this for about 15 years. Over that time we have met so many good and interesting people, it makes all our effort worthwhile. 

We now have outlet stores Osgoode, Calabogie, Eganville and of course Carleton Place.

We can be reached at 613-836-3301 or by e-mail at And we are found on Facebook, Mel_Lo Designs.

Products can be picked up at the store The Queens Crafters and Antique Market, or we can arrange for delivery or ship.



Miss Magooz Jewellery

Meghan W

Missy Magoo is the nickname I was given by my aunts and uncles when I  was a toddler, and it has stuck with me a long time! Even then I  was inspired by interesting and shiny things, so luckily I've been able  to find my creative outlet with jewellery and other crafts. 

I love to  make old things new, and to add some unique sparkle to your every day!  Watches, spoons, and keys are my favourite, but I also enjoy chainmail,  beading, and alcohol ink painting just to name a few!


Queens Store Vendor


Mom's Homemade

Cheryl Wilcox

I make and sell Gourmet Salsa in 4 flavours, mild, medium, hot and Mom's Wrath (Very HOT). 

There are no added  sugars or preservatives in any of the Salsas. It is a chunky melody of fresh vegetables. I have been making salsa for 16 years. For many years family and friends have told me "this is great you should sell it."

In 2019 I started my business as a hobby and it has grown so much and fast since then.

Website -
Facebook: Mom's Homemade
Instagram: moms_homemade_salsa


Queens Store Vendor


Mostly Leather


Hi, Regina from Arnprior here

My son gave me some veg tan leather a year ago, I found a small bag pattern online and dyed, cut, hole punched and stiched together my very first purse! And I was hooked.

What a fun and rewarding new hobby I’d found!

Sharing with you my leather creations now, I hope you’ll enjoy using them as much as I take pleasure in making them.


Queens Store Vendor


Mrs. Bubbles Kitchen Crafts

Dianna Lachapelle

To relax at night and help with her arthritis Dianna loves to sit and crochet. Any crochet item sold, Dianna donates .50 cent to charity.

She is also starting to do wood burned signs.



My Little Shoppe

My Little Shoppe

MY  LITTLE SHOPPE offers new trendy jewellery and quality vintage pieces as  well as the largest selection of body jewellery in town.

We also showcase and sell a large variety of hand crafted gifts made locally. Drop by for a visit.


Queens Store Vendor


My Peace

Voula Treheles


Queens Store Vendor


Northern Phenix Apparel

Mike Bonvie

Welcome to the new home of Northern Phenix Apparel, where you will find custom apparel, outerwear and my brand of Activewear Synergy Performance Apparel.

If you are looking for custom apparel for your business, organization sports teams and any other functions please feel free to msg me here and we can work on getting you all equipped.

For seasonal wear like winter coats and other outer wear I will be adding folders for these and swapping them as the seasons change.

For my activewear line I will be using this as a way to show upcoming new releases and any other news such as Brand Ambassador searches and giveaways.

Custom Appare store and inquiry



Queens Store Vendor


Ohhh Sugar

Kristy Murray

Hi! I'm Kristy Murray. I'm a proud momma of one, wife and a hobby baker. I love turning ideas into edible art.

I've  been a baker for over 10 years. Mainly exhibiting at crafts shows and  sometimes venture online for sales. I've taken my decorating skills up a  level and decided to create my brand "Ohhh Sugar..."

You  know when you make a boo boo and don't want to curse? Ohhh Sugar is my  go to :) But the best about sugar cookie boo boo's get to eat  the cookie!!!


Queens Store Vendor


Pauline's Place


Welcome to Pauline's Place.  We have knitted and sewn items, many with an animal theme.  We have knitted children's animal slippers plus regular slippers for the family.  There are also stuffed animals.  Tissue Box covers are available in dog and cat fabric and other pretty fabric.  For our furry friends there are locally grown catnip toys.  The money reaised goes towards cat rescue in Smiths Falls, which I have quietly been doing for nearly 25 years.

For ladies we have toques, scarves, cowls and fingerless mitts.  There are decorative scarves and necklaces in bright colours.  Of course we have dishcloths and mitts for kids.  Baby sets and blankets are suitable for shower or newborn gifts.

Unfortunately, there isn't room to display everything, but we also have shawls, sea glass pictures and jewellery such as earings and beautiful glass pendants.  Miniature gardens and plants are also available.

We take small commisions.  Please call 613-283-7655



Pretty Things

Diane Ford

I have been doing crafts of every kind for many years. My greatest love though is mosaics. I love that you can mosaic almost anything that doesn’t move, tables mirrors etc. 

I have been doing it for around 7 or 8 years. I also love soft chalk pastel painting, especially doing animals. My lasted interest is botanical plaster casting. Quite fun.


Queens Store Vendor


Pure Bliss Embroidery

Brenda Renaud

Pure Bliss Embroidery was born due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. I had a  vacation budget and could not travel. I enjoy doing something crafty in  my spare time, so I got a machine and a new hobby. I named my small,  home-based business after Bliss, my kitty, who keeps me company on her  own fleece blanket when I embroider. 

I try to choose cute and clever  designs hoping that people will enjoy a laugh as a result, but also do  serious and decorative pieces as well. 

Design suggestions are always  most welcome.



RT Crafts

Melanie W

Special Occasion Themed Crafts


Queens Store Vendor


Radical Homemaker

Aileen, Yvonne and Elsie

Radical Homemaker is a family collective, that came together in  2012, but have been crafting for 60+years. Combining their many skills  together to provide a variety of unique products. There are paintings,  knitted and crochet items, clay figures, earrings, and key-chains,  handmade dyed/carded/spun wool and wooden carved items. The main four  artisans are Aileen from Aileens paintings, Keith,  Elsie of Annie Grannie and Yvonne at Piercing Moon Creations.

“If  you give us a project, we will try our best to make it for you. We are  always looking to learn and improve our skills. Crafts and learning are  important to us.”

Follow along with us on our social media pages. You can also find out more in our About Section. There you can find posts, local stores and events we can be found at and more.


Queens Store Vendor


Salena Draws

Salena Richards

I love to paint in acrylic creating seascapes and anything that has to do with the East coast of Canada. 

My website is


Queens Store Vendor


Sewfully Awesome

Kelly Murray

Trained  as an Interior Designer, I have always been drawn to patterns and fabrics.  From bright and trendy to simple and classic, any fabric that  catches my eye becomes  my next sewing project!  

My signature piece is my coin purses but my  keychains, small and large bags are also fun and functional.  

I hope you  enjoy my products as much as I enjoy making them!



Queens Store Vendor


Shirley's Girls Boutique

Dianna and Donna

Named after Dianna and Donna’s mother Shirley. The girls decided to bring in the plus size clothing after many years trying to find large sizes at reasonable prices.

Shirley’s girls boutique has new, new to you, consignment and donations.


Queens Store Vendor


Some Knitteas

Hannah S

Some Knitteas was created to share my love for knitting through handcrafted knitted goods that people of all ages can enjoy.

I am always happy to do custom orders to ensure that you take home the perfect knit creation— made with love, made for you.



Stewart Dodd

Stewart Dodd

Plaster Figures


Queens Store Vendor


Sweet Harvest Acres

Lynda and Brian Wright

We  are a local Ottawa Valley farm producing unpasteurized honey, and  honeycomb as well as beeswax candles and food wrap. 


Queens Store Vendor


Tease Creations

Tina Brown

Home based business creating unique fabric pieces.


Queens Store Vendor


The Artsy Sloth

Stephanie S & Emily M

The Artsy Sloth was created to support a young teenage girl and a loving beautiful mom with amazing art skills and crazy ideas who love to get crafty during quarantine!


Queens Store Vendor


The Crafting Hour

Brenda Stocker

Wood Crafts


Queens Store Vendor


The Gift Shop

Lisa Strangway

Popcorn (Flavoured and Plain)



The Knotty Doghouse

Kim Krapp

Handmade crocheted items and jewelry.


Queens Store Vendor


The Sunday Sunshine Shop

Jordan Rocketts

Welcome!  Are products are handmade locally in Ottawa Ontario! Currently we are  offering handpoured 100% soy wax melts, and freshly curated room sprays.  Thank you for supporting my small business, more handmade goodies to  come


Queens Store Vendor


The devil's closet

Michael and Catherine Sulyha

Open the devil's closet if you dare and see what temptations lie within.

Will it be coffee to die  for featured by Deadly Grounds or the horrors of Freddy, Jason,  Pennywise and other creatures dying to break free?

"We are proudly located in Carleton Place"


Queens Store Vendor


This N That Cre8tions

Stephanie Daines

What is This N That Cre8tions? It is a place where my ideas turn into items, decor, gifts and well just This N that. The Motto here is if you can think it, I can make it. I work in a variety of mediums. Slowly as I Get everything loaded you will see examples of it all. But always fee free to message me for a quote and if I cam make something.  I can make single Items or Bulk orders depending on the quantity and supplies needed my turn around time is generally a week.

I work with:

  • Paper

  • Vinyl

  • Metal

  • Glass

  • Wood

  • Ceramics

  • Jewelry

  • Bead Work

  • Leather Items

  • Fabric

All of my items can be Customized in some way making each item unique.

I like to bring new Items for every occasion to the table so please like my Page and see what new and exciting items are available.

Also I regularly attend Crafter Vendor Shows in and around the Ottawa Valley. If you see something you like at will be at a show let me know and I will bring it along for you.  If you plan shows please feel fee to send me the application.

Shipping.... I ship anywhere in Canada. Most items the shipping is FREE. Need it sooner then that I do door drop off in the Ottawa area every 2 weeks and allow for pick up from 3 different area's of the city.

Personalized orders must be paid in full before I process them as I am not able to resell them.


Queens Store Vendor


Tiffany S

Tiffany S


Queens Store Vendor


Tish's Bath & Suds

Paula Timmons

We make hand-made bath products, such as  soap, bath bombs, bath  powders, and sugar scrubs that are available in a selection of  fragrances.  

We also make other products that are great gift ideas or  items that you can treat yourself!   Some of these items include gel  candles (unscented),  other candles made from bee’s wax and soya was,  sachets,  one use soap petals and hot/cold packs for your body and your  eyes.   

If you have a particular fragrances that you like and don’t see  available on this site, or if you wish to order gifts for showers and  other celebrations, please contact:

Paula at 613-257-2733.



Twice New

Deanna Carriere

“Twice New” – is my passion and love  for all things pretty, affordable and excellent quality.  Many years  ago, I worked for Eaton’s.  It was during my 9 years as an Advertising  Supervisor/Administrative Assistant, I developed  a love for nice clothing and household décor and collectibles.  As many  know, Eaton’s was a great department store for quality and they founded  their business on “Goods Satisfactory or Money Refunded”.   Unfortunately, like many Canadian Department Store retailers  they were unable to compete with BIG BOX stores and declared  bankruptcy, hence the reason why I left to become a Communications  Clerk/Dispatcher for Ottawa Police.  22 years later I am still employed  at OPS as a Report Analyst but I missed the rewards of dealing  one on one with people and beautiful things.

For many years, I had always enjoyed thrift stores  and second hand shopping.  It became a hobby which grew into collecting  many beautiful and precious items.  I began to realize I couldn’t keep  shopping for myself yet I just loved the “Thrill  of the Hunt”!  One day I went to a local market and noticed many items  on a table which I had at home.  I thought, wow, I could sell some of my  own stuff or better yet I could still shop and look for treasures and  make a few dollars along the way.  I started  small selling in a couple outdoor flea markets, then grew to 613 flea at Aberdeen Pavillion in the Glebe.  A friend mentioned Almonte Antiques  and Collectibles.  I started there with a small curio cabinet in 2017,  which grew to a 10 x 10 ft retail spot and  finally just this November opened a second spot of Vintage Inspired  Clothing and Accessories!  In between all of this I heard about “The Queens Makers and Antique Market” and opened there in November 2018!

Here you will find “Twice New” Clothing,  Accessories, Jewellery, Coats, Boots etc. all at affordable prices,  excellent quality and name brands.  I strive to provide nice,  attractive, classic, pieces that will last in your wardrobe  for several years.  Kilts from Scotland and United Kingdom; Vintage  Furs and Hats; Vintage Jewellery and Hat pins; Arctic Parkas and Angora  Shawls and Scarves; Some Sherman Jewellery and other vintage Crystal  brooches.  Follow me on Instagran and Facebook through the Queens posts as well as Deanna.Carriere!


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Valendra Custom Designs

Sabrina Maat


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Viper Forge

Donavan McCartney

This is a new business for me. I've taken advantage of some spare  time during COVID to set up a forge at my home.  At the moment I am  focusing on making custom knives.  As I am a full time chef making  knives helps me in my job as well.  I also make other items (coat racks,  hanging pot and pan racks, etc.)

All of the spike knives are made from high carbon steel and are hardened and sharpened. 


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Visual Palette

Donna Baskin

Donna is a mixed media artist living in Carleton  Place, who's first love is photography,  but also enjoys painting & is passionate about eco-printing.

Donna's passion for eco-printing came naturally, through a love of nature and living a creative life.

Each print is a unique one-of-a-kind piece and cannot be duplicated.   

Creating these scarves and prints is so exciting and like unwrapping a  gift each time.  Each one is made with love and excitement, using plants  and flowers found in her garden and surrounding area.


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Waterfall Soap Shop

Natalie and Francois Maltais

Handmade soap, bath and beauty products.


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West Pines and Custom Designs

Caitlin and Erin

Features the design and handmade goods from sisters Caitlin and Erin, and sister in law, Brittany!

Working with vinyl, paper and pine, we proudly try to make any of your designs come to life. Whether it's custom print onesies, pillows or shirts, wood framed signs, stools, shelves and even dollhouses, we work with you to come up with a design to best suit your taste! While some of our items can be found in store at the Queens, a lot of our items are custom made. 

Send us a message for your personally designed items!


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Yijkie Designs

Maryke Van Oosten

Artist  and designer, Maryke van Oosten, works with thrown clay to create  functional pottery. Maryke also uses mixed media for her landscape  paintings.


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Yuki's Geekifacts

Jaclyn Senske

Homemade pop culture crafts.

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