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142 Bridge Street | Carleton Place, Ontario | Tel: 613-253-5333
Email: thequeensmarketshop@gmail.com



We like to keep busy at The Queens Crafters and Antique Market, from "Christmas in July" to our new yearly "Flea Market", and "Meet Our Vendors".  Activities that can get you out of the house, and with most being outside, get some fresh air.  During winter we hope to have more contest, and fun activities that are both fun and charitable.

Welcome To Our New Vendors

Amanda's Place

Various knit accessories. Online soon.

Fragrance Hair Fashions
Jennifer creates essential oil hair accessories for issued hair.


Hand-Crafted Puppets by Anne-Marie Kelly.  They are so furry and will make you smile and laugh.

Mom's Homemade by Cheryl
Salsa, anyone? This mom has create various levels of heat from mild, medium, hot and Mom's Wrath.

Sewfully Awesome by Kelly
She creates many beautiful and high quality bags (makeup, coin etc.) of various sizes.

Knotty Creations by Mavis
As the name suggest, Mavis crochets warm and cozy hats with stylish pom poms on top.

Ohhh Sugar Cookies by Kristy
Delicious cookies  and chocolate dipped marshmallows. Yum!

Holly's Hobbies by Holly
Check out her selection of crafts including some very humourous Christmas ones.

Jewellery and Handbags from Bernadette
Has pretty little jewellery and trinkets.


More Charity
Stay tuned for more charity events in the future.


Fashion Show (Covid Closures - Delay)
In January we are going to start looking for ladies who would like to dress up and strut their stuff in our online, social distancing Fashion Show.

Share The Love
Win a gift certificate to the store in our Social Media Campaign, coming soon.

Extra, Extra!!

As of February 16th, we are officially open!

Charity Event(s)

Valentines Cards For Seniors

Thank you to everyone who donated their time in creating and dropping off cards for the Seniors at The Revera Stoneridge Manor Long Term Care Home in Carleton Place.

The cards came in batches, and made use smile wherever we saw them in our mail box.

 PAST ARTICLES (coming soon)

All articles are in PDF format.  Most computers and mobiles can read this format.


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